50+ Caption for friends

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short caption for friends


Good friends are like the stars.


Friends ‘till the end.


Meet my Partner in Crime!


A true friend is one soul in two bodies.


Life is better with true friends.

Caption for friends

Caption for friends


I love my crazy best friends.

Short Caption For Friends

Short Caption For Friends


You are my sunshine on a rainy day.


Live for the moments you can’t put in words.


Every girl needs a boy best friend.


Friends don’t let friends do silly things alone.

Funny caption for friends


You don’t have to be crazy to be my friend.


We go together like drunk and disorderly.


You can sit with us.


Friends who slay together, stay together.


Let’s do something something stupid together.

Funny Caption For Friends

Funny Caption For Friends


Friends buy you food. Best friends eat your food.


A true friend stabs you in the front.


We annoy each other, but still stick together.


I’ll take a Nerf bullet for you.


We don’t judge each other. We judge other people together.

Friends Caption For Instagram

Friends Caption For Instagram

friends caption for instagram


I don’t know what’s tighter, our jeans or our friendship.


We will be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing homes


Your vibe attracts your tribe.


Friends that travel together stay together.


No friendship is an accident.


We’ll be friends forever because you already know too much.


A good friend wants to hear your stories. Your best friends are there to live with you!


I like you because you join my strangeness.


Disturb your friends always.


Coffee and Friends make the perfect mix.


I do not know what I did to have a best friend like you.


5. You are my sunshine on a rainy day, My smiling face in the darkness.


9. This is my friend, ever break her heart, I’ll find you and I’ll kill you.


A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.


Every girl needs a best friend.


I’m lucky to have a friend like you!


I will also send you the photos in which I see you wrong.


The best friends believe you when you do not believe in yourself.


I will always have this piece of my heart that smiles every time I think of you.


My best friend is the companion in all my secrets.